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Voice of the CCO: Phil Bussey on CCO Council Membership

Friday, November 09, 2012


Phil Bussey, SVP & Chief Customer Officer of Puget Sound Energy (PSE), talks about the value he derives from his membership in the CCO Council and from attending the Annual CCO Summit.


Video Transcript

This is [the] second Summit that I've been to and I'm a relatively new member of the Chief Customer [Officer] Council, but I have found that it has been an incredibly valuable experience for me to be surrounded by my peers. They're all concerned about the future of their companies as it relates to the customer and the customer experience, at the same time coming from very different fields, which challenges my thinking, gets me thinking outside of my normal industry and sector and provides new ideas. It's also a whole network of folks that I can go back and follow up with, talk to, share ideas with, bounce opportunities off of. I've found that to be incredibly valuable. 

The Summit itself always captures a theme, which we're able to dig deep into, bring speakers into, and study; turn the rock over several times on issues, which creates new things and ideas, both from a philosophical approach in a strategic way but very tactical steps that I can take to go back and improve the customer experience in my own organization.

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