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Look what’s coming for the CCO Council!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Chief Customer Officer Council is gaining huge momentum with the recently completed CCO Roadmap, potential partnerships with Disney Institute and Gallup, and a number of new members.

Within about 2 weeks we’re launching an entirely new website with public and members-only forums that will provide a lot of CCO-specific and Council-generated content that will help you as a CCO be more successful in your role

Here’s a quick update on the things that are happening:

CCO Council Snapshot:

  • Membership is growing! We’ll be joined at our February meeting by Bob Olson, former CCO of Homestead Technologies (an Intuit Company) and GoDaddy, in addition to Jeff Lowe, the CCO of Telus (Canada’s largest telecom company).
  • We’re arranging a partnership with the Disney Institute to create a customized curriculum expressly for CCOs that teaches you not only how to create a spectacular customer experience, but also how to develop and lead a phenomenal customer-centric culture. This will be a major component of the 2010 CCO Summit, to be held in October.
  • We’re exploring a potential partnership with Gallup around the notion of Human Sigma, helping you achieve the appropriate balance of customer and employee focus as part of your overall strategy.
  • We’re booking a special engagement in April with Amir Hartman of Mainstay Partners, who will share the results of Oracle’s commissioned study of benchmark customer reference programs from around the world. Jeb Dasteel, CCO of Oracle, engaged Amir last year to perform a similar study and Amir has graciously agreed to share his updated results with the Council.
  • We’ve just completed the CCO Roadmap that details nearly 100 activities that you as a CCO need to ensure are implemented in your organization to ensure success. This roadmap is being expanded every month with best practices from the greatest experts on each topic in the roadmap.
  • We’re engaging in another major research project that aims to make explicit the connection between employee engagement and customer engagement, so you can decide how best to invest precious resources in your employees and know that it’ll have the greatest impact on loyalty. We’ve had some great input from Gallup around their Human Sigma model, incorporating their CE11 and Q12 metrics.

The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Council™ helps you learn from your peers so you can drive customer centric business results–without experimenting at your customers’ expense.

The Council focuses on helping you succeed in three major areas:

  • Drive profitable customer behavior (ie. customer loyalty
  • Create customer-centric culture
  • Deliver solid business results that prove your value to the CEO, Board, and your peers

If you’re interested in learning more about the CCO Council and how it can help you succeed in your role, please feel free to contact me at 978-226-8675.


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