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February CCO Council Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


We’ve just completed the February Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Council™ agenda, and it looks great!

The theme is “Igniting the Flame of Customer Centricity.” How do we ignite the spark around customer centricity and motivate organizations to act in our customer’s best interest? This effort to create a customer-centric culture is one of the most important of CCO goals, second only to driving more profitable customer behavior, and a strong factor in being able to deliver against the first goal. During our first Summit meeting last year, this issue was perhaps of the greatest interest but unfortunately it received the least attention.

Motivation is not simple; it must occur at multiple levels. To be successful, you may need to motivate your CEO and your Board. What role should you be playing in driving strategic alignment from the top down? You also need to effectively motivate your peers on the executive committee. One CCO told me how he creatively turned his greatest detractor, the CIO, into his staunchest ally overnight as he found the key to motivation that made the greatest difference. How can you create a shared sense of purpose rather than fighting turf wars at customers’ expense? Finally and most importantly, you need to motivate employees so they take pride in their work and delight in serving customers. How can you help each employee take ownership of customer loyalty, regardless of their role?

During this series of workshops and discussions, you will hear from renowned experts from Bates Communications, advisors to CEOs of Fortune-ranked companies such as Dow Chemical (#38), VF Outdoor (#335), Fidelity, and numerous others. In addition, you’ll learn what has worked for Jeb Dasteel, CCO of Oracle and recipient of the 2009 CCO of the Year award. Bob Olson will share his successes at GoDaddy & Homestead (an Intuit company) in turning tired, lackluster employees who could care less about customers into raving customer advocates, willing to do nearly anything for their customers.

During this intense meeting, members will have the opportunity to share success stories and most importantly, learn potential solutions to your immediate issues. As an attending member, you’ll walk away with a collection of new ideas, proven strategies, and a handful of best practices that will help ensure your success and increase your value to your organization, your CEO, and your customers.

I’ve appended below some of the highlights:

Creating the Customer Culture at Oracle (Jeb Dasteel, Oracle)

Jeb will share how he has been successful in motivating Oracle at all levels, and particularly how he has begun to use Oracle’s aggressive culture against itself to help everyone compete to become more customer-centric. Jeb will tell us how he’s managed to get his peers on board to eliminate turf wars or protective custody battles over customer ownership. Especially valuable, Jeb will tell us how he has created an environment where it is ok to experiment and fail, enabling significant customer breakthroughs.

Points for discussion:

  • Who provides your greatest obstacles to acting in your customers’ best interest?
  • What is the impact of their resistance on the organization and your customers
  • Is there one cultural theme that you could use to motivate people to change?
  • What happens to your customers if your employees are afraid to fail?
  • How do you make it safe for people to experiment?

The Modern Day Pied Piper: Getting People to Fall In Line Behind Customers (Bob Olson, MobileMini)

How can you get employees excited about your customers? How can you create a vision so compelling that they’re willing to do nearly anything for customers, including even taking a cut in pay? The modern day “Pied Piper,” Bob Olson is a veteran of numerous strongly customer-centric companies such as GoDaddy, Homestead Technologies (purchased by Intuit), and a recent work in progress, MobileMini. Bob describes how he’s created customer-centric cultures from the top down and from the ground up. He’ll share with us how he’s managed to co-create the vision with the CEO and his C-level peers, and especially how he’s motivated new and existing employees to shine forth. Bob will share some of the most impressive results he’s achieved in these companies, particularly in terms of profits generated as a result of such a strong employee focus.

Points for discussion:

  • How do your employees define their jobs? By their tasks and responsibilities? Output?
  • What matters most to your employees? A paycheck? Recognition?
  • How do you know if you have the right employees to achieve your vision? How have you connected employees to customers and vice versa?

Special CCO Program Development (Disney Institute)

For over 20 years, Disney Institute has offered over a million alumni the opportunity to benchmark the philosophies of The Walt Disney Company. As a special bonus, the CCO Council & the Disney Institute are co-developing a program uniquely tailored to your needs as a CCO that will be delivered at the Fall CCO Summit. This program will help you not only create a spectacular customer experience, but also develop and lead a phenomenal customer-centric culture. During this session you’ll learn of the programs, approaches, skills, and practices that have helped make Disney an international standard in motivating employees to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You’ll work with a Disney representative and your peers to develop an in-depth course that exactly meets your needs.

Igniting the Spark: Practical Tools to Creating a Firestorm of Customer Centricity (Craig Bentley, Bates Communications)

In your role as CCO, you need to ignite the spark of customer centricity, fan the flames of a customer-centric culture. How do you get the organization’s attention? How do you get everyone onboard? How do you keep them energized and focused—at all levels?

To do this successfully, you must be able to persuade, influence, and motivate all levels within the organization, from corporate leadership to the back office, and through to the front-line. In this interactive session, Craig Bentley of Bates Communications will introduce a few simple tools and techniques that will help you:

  • Discover that spark that gives the organization purpose around customers
  • Learn tools to accelerate the spark by connecting with your senior management peers and others in the organization
  • Be certain that your most important messages are being heard

Fan the flames by motivating your most important audiences to get the commitment and resources that you need to be successful

Overcoming Your Greatest Challenges (Peer to Peer Roundtable)

What is keeping you from being as successful as you desire? What would you most like to change about your role, your organization, your company, or even your customers? Come prepared to share the details of one or two critical issues and learn from your peers who’ve “been there, done that” and can tell you from experience exactly how they overcame similar problems—and the pitfalls to avoid. Brainstorm unique and innovative solutions with your peers that will help you turn these challenges into your next opportunity.

Points for discussion:

  • What (or whom) is hampering your efforts to drive results for your customers?
  • What strategy have you been wishing you could get input on?
  • What frustrates you the most—that you don’t feel like you can share with your peers?
  • If you could change one thing about your job, responsibilities, accountabilities, etc., what would it be?
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