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Member Guest Blog: Common Accountabilities of the CCO

Monday, October 14, 2013

As competition heats up and customers become more demanding, many companies play to strengthen their customer relationships to better understand and meet current and future customer needs while solidifying their current business. Some companies recognize the value of assigning accountability for customers to an executive, most often titled “chief customer officer” or CCO, but given other names as well. The CCO or its equivalent is considered to be a company's ultimate customer authority and is driving customer strategy across the highest levels of his or her company. There are many different implementations of the CCO role. But what are its primary contributions? The Chief Customer Officer Council (CCO Council) identified seven common accountabilities of CCOs based on research among its own membership.

Council members identified 16 important functions that could potentially belong to a CCO. These were used as the basis for a written survey, which was then sent to the entire membership base via the Internet. Members were asked to report on the responsibilities that were incumbent upon them in their current roles and to rank those responsibilities as prioritized by their organizations. Results were returned by 60% of the membership. The resulting seven common accountabilities of a chief customer officer are:

  1. Customer-centric tactics
  2. Customer Experience management 
  3. Metrics and analytics related to customer-centricity
  4. Customer-centric culture or the evolution to such
  5. Customer strategy
  6. Understanding customer needs
  7. Building customer relationships

There were two skews identified. The first was a skew to large companies with greater than $1B in revenue. The second was a skew towards B2B (vs. B2C) companies. More details regarding the accountabilities can be found in the full article published on this page

While the activities a CCO might engage in are legion, these seven appear to be the most common and important regardless of company size, industry, or definition of the CCO role. Even if your company doesn’t have a CCO, to become truly customer centric and create sustainable competitive advantage, an executive needs to be held accountable for activities, at a minimum.

Are you managing to these activities?  What others are you being held accountable for?

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