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Annual Summit Testimonial from Peter Quinn

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The CCO Council 2011 Annual Summit is almost upon us and what better way to learn about its value than through testimonials from our members!  In the first of a series of testimonials, Peter Quinn, CCO of Lawson explains some key takeways from the 2010 Summit.



The CCO Council Annual Summit is the only place where CCOs can gather and openly share with true peers their successes, failures, and challenges. Here you¹ll learn what others have done before, and most importantly, gain answers to your most urgent issues. You¹ll walk away with a collection of new ideas, proven strategies, a handful of best practices, and new relationships to support your endeavors. I guarantee that the more you engage, the more you¹ll gain that will help ensure your success and increase your value to your organization, your CEO, and your customers.

In this age where customers demand superior service, access, and transparency, customer-centricity is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage. Let¹s fuel this transformation by bringing everyone with us on the journey towards solid business performance.

To view the full agenda and to register, visit our website, call Christopher Benoit at (978) 226-8681.

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